F U L L - S E R V I C E   I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N

Amy Lind Interiors offers full-service interior design, focusing on residential spaces. If you are about to embark on a renovation or new build, we can assist you with all interior-design-related decisions – from space layout, to material specifications, to designing custom cabinetry. Or perhaps you are just looking for someone to help you pick out paint colors, source new lighting, and furnish your space? Amy Lind Interiors can bring personality, beauty, and function to your everyday life through stylish interior elements. Maybe you are simply wanting a quick refresh of your decor? We can style updated accessories into your existing space and rearrange the furniture you already have. It's amazing what the proper furniture placement can do for a space! Scroll down to fill out the questionnaire about your project, and we will get back to you with pricing.

e - d e S I G N

E-design allows you to get a personalized design plan that fits your style, space, and budget – no matter where you live! If you are interested in getting a quote, submit the questionnaire below and email photos of the room(s) to be decorated. Once we see the scope of work to be completed, we will get back to you with pricing (per room). Once the budget and direction of the design are established, you will receive a complete design plan for your room(s), including a mood board (so you can visualize the general feel of the space), a space plan (showing the suggested furniture placement, exactly where to hang items on the wall, etc.), and a shopping list (with links to purchase all furnishings/accessories online).

I N T E R I O R   &   P R O P   S T Y L I N G

Amy Lind is available to style interior spaces or products for photo shoots or events. If you are interested in hiring her as a prop stylist, please email: amy@amylindinteriors.com.

E V E N T   D E S I G N

Are you in need of assistance prepping for a party? Entertain in style and wow your guests with unique and beautiful decor. Amy Lind Interiors can help style your space with party decorations and freshly curated floral arrangements to ensure everyone has a great time! If you are interested in event planning services, please email: amy@amylindinteriors.com.

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For a custom quote based on the scope of your project, please fill out the questionnaire below. We look forward to discussing plans for enhancing your space with beauty, style, and function!



Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your project.

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Take photographs of each room from all four corners, capturing the overall space (4 photos per room, more if needed to show entire space). Please send images in separate emails by room (one email per room, each email containing 4 photos). Photos can be quick phone photos simply showing what your space entails.

Each email should not exceed 10MB

EMAIL SUBJECT LINE should include which room it is, "DASH", and YOUR LAST NAME (i.e. "guest bathroom – SMITH")


If you happen to have floor plans of your space (even if you just sketched them out yourself), please email those to us as well in a separate email. Subject line should read "Floor plans - Last Name" (i.e. "Floor plans - Smith"). Floor plans are not a requirement.